Indigo Kristal

Main competition program 2023 I 105 min I Serbia

The story is set over four days and follows Vuk, a thirty-year-old returnee from prison who, haunted by the suicide of his best friend, tries to save his younger brother on the eve of the suicide anniversary. Taught by experience, Vuk begins his journey of assimilation into society while trying to find out why he was released two years earlier…


Luka Mihailović

Producer: Miodrag Radonjic, Milos Avramovic

Production: Archangel Studios in cooperation with Rezim production

Cast: Miodrag Radonjic, Denis Muric, Nina Jankovic, Milos Petrovic Trojpec, Milos Djurovic, Pavle Mensur, Mateja Popovic, Relja Despotovic, Djordje Bibic, Gorica Popovic…