Slavko Vorkapic Life And Death Of A Hollywood Filmmaker

Documentary I 28 min I Serbia

This is a film about our fellow countryman in Hollywood – Slavko Vorkapic. The film talks about the film, the work, and the mastery of the special effects director, a man about whom we, his countrymen, know little or almost nothing. The film is made up of conversations and statements from Vorki`s associates and students, as well as the participants of the “Dedication for Slavko Vorkapic” held on Saturday 5th March 1977 in “Leo S. Bing Theatre” in Los Angeles: Frank Capra, George Cukor, Linwood Dean and William Fraker.  The film also includes inserts from some films in which Vorki worked as a special effects director.


Boris Gortinski

Production: Art Film 80