The Film Of Distant Future

Misa Radivojevic

Documentary I 90 min I Serbia

People are just a little more than a lively conversation, from words spoken and those not spoken… People are their work and their life story. This is a film that establishes the values and the meaning of the continuation of Serbian cinematography in the future. This is a film about the legendary Yugoslav director, about his search for a clean film. This is a film about  Misa Radivojevic and his experience of creating unforgettable cinematographic works on film.


Siniša Cvetić

Producer: Darja Bajic, Sasa Sailovic

Production: The Magic Line (Magična Linija)

Co-production: LIFFE, The Faculty of Drama Arts

Participants: Misa Radivojevic, Darko Bajic

The Film Of Distant Future 2