The Winter Of One Spring

Documentary I 88 min I Serbia

This is a story about a famous photograph and its author, about challenges and fears, about censorship and self-censorship in the turbulent times of the Prague Spring and the military intervention of the USSR in 1968. in the former Czechoslovakia. The views of these events, with a fifty-year distance, are given by filmmakers who at that time studied at FAMU in Prague and later on when they started to realize their film accomplishments in the cinematography of former Yugoslavia were classified as the „Czech school“, which produced some of the most important films of the country that no longer exists.

Pedja Popovic is one of the few people who photographed the body of Jan Palach in the Prague morgue. Those photos were published with great exclusivity by the world’s leading magazines, such as the French “Paris Match” and the Italian “Epoca”. This film, on one of its levels, tells the story of how Popovic managed to take those photos at a time when Soviet tanks were still on the streets of Prague…


Milan Nikodijević

Producers: Milan Nikodijevic, Sinisa Bokan


Participants: Predrag Pega Popovic – cameraman,  Goran Markovic – director, Srdjan Karanovic – director, Rajko Grlic – director, Lordan Zafranovic – director, Michal Bregant – director of the National Film Archive of the Czech Republic, Hadzi Zoran Djordjevic – master of photography, Dr Bogoljub Sijakovic – philosopher

Festivals: The Authorş Film Festival, Belgrade; Moving Image Festival, Novi Sad; March Festival, Belgrade; Pula Film Festival; The Festival of Film Script, Vrnjačka Banja; Film Festival of Actors’Achievement, Nis;