TV series I 100 min I Serbia

A tense psychological drama “Tunnel“, based on police reports, newspaper reports and police officers’ statements, shows the lives and the work of police negotiators, which takes place on the arbitrarily chosen border between life and death. The team of negotiators is credited with saving more than two hundred human lives with a one hundred percent success rate, yet is in constant danger of being shut down on the grounds that it costs too much and may never be used.


Petar Ristovski

Production: Zillion Film

Cast: Minja Pekovic, Jovan Belobrkovic, Dragan Boza Marjanovic, Tamara Sustic, Milos Djordjevic, Lazar Ristovski, Zoran Cvijanovic, Radovan Vujovic, Teodora Ristovski, Sergej Trifunovic