The face of the jellyfish

El rostro de la medusa

WILD FILM 2023 I 75 min I Argentina

From one moment to the next, Marina’s face changed. As in a Kafkaesque nightmare, one day around her thirties her face ceased to be what it was. Who is Marina now? Through her story, the film plunges into an inquiry into the meaning of the face, the core of our identity and how we encounter others, whether human or non-human.
Can we be someone beyond our face, beyond our image?


Melisa Liebenthal

Melisa Liebenthal (1991, Buenos Aires) is a film director and editor.
She directed the films The pretty ones (2016, 77 min.), Constanza (2018, 27 min.), Here and there (2020, 21 min.) and The face of the jellyfish (2022, 76 min.), with which she won awards at Rotterdam, Mar del Plata and Berlinale and was featured in MoMA and Film at Lincoln Center, amongst others.
Melisa Liebenthal’s work reflects on identity and its relation to the construction of an image. Her films explore and combine different materials with humor and playful spirit, from documentary and visual experimentation to narrative fiction, always keeping a lively awareness of the specificity of each type of image.
She is a film graduate at Universidad del Cine in Argentina and at Le Fresnoy – Studio National des Arts Contemporains in France. She specialized in Editing and Dramatic Structure with professor Miguel Pérez in Argentina, and in Essay-Film at Escuela Internacional de Cine y Televisión (EICTV) in Cuba. She is a Berlinale Talents (2021) and FID Campus (2018) alumna.

Film screening at the LIFFE festival

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