The Sweet East

WILD FILM 2023 I 104 min I SAD

THE SWEET EAST is a picaresque journey through the cities and woods of the Eastern seaboard of the United States. Lillian, a high school senior from South Carolina, gets her first glimpse of the wider world on a class trip to Washington, D.C. Separated from her schoolmates, she embarks on a fractured road trip in search of America. Along the way, she falls in with a variety of strange factions, each living out their own alternative realities in our present day.


Sean Price Williams

This is the directorial debut of internationally renowned US cinematographer Sean Price Williams (Good Time; Funny Pages; Listen Up Philip) whom The New Yorker described as “the cinematographer for many of the best and most significant independent films of the past decade.” Sean has shot films for directors including Abel Ferrara and Josh and Benny Safdie, lighting actors such as Ethan Hawke, Elisabeth Moss, Jon Hamm, Geena Davis and Robert Pattinson.

Sean collaborated on The Sweet East with screenwriter and notorious film critic Nicholas Pinkerton, with whom he shares a period of employment at the now defunct Kim’s Video Store in East Village, NYC.

Film screening at the LIFFE festival

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