Starting this year, the artistic team of the LIFFE festival is introducing a new award for the international program “Wild Film”, which will be named after our famous director Dusam Makavejev, an author who started his career together with Zivojin Pavlovic at Kino Club Belgrade. He shot films in Yugoslavia, Australia, Sweden, Canada, Germany, and other countries, spreading his style and spirit through the world, and leaving a significant mark in the history of global cinematography. This program is looking for exactly such a cinematic experience, without limits, in every sense.

The selectors of this program try to find films and authors with a similar sensibility to Dusan Makavejev, those who explore topics from loneliness and alienation, through political repression and social constraints to sexual freedoms. Our program includes authors from all over the world, authors who provoke and boldly challenge the established moral and narrative patterns through an original fusion of different film genres and forms. It could be an unconventional comedy with a classic story or a combination of a deeply emotional metaphorical drama with factual elements. Directors come from different generations – including both the up-and-coming talents with their debut work and experienced veterans who constantly explore and offer innovations in film language and narrative. These authors, just like Makavejev, by exploring deep existential and human dramas, think about how their films could be playful, communicative and entertaining at the same time.

We present to you eight international films in the „Wild Film“ selection, seven of which will have their premiere in Serbia at the LIFFE festival in Leskovac, which means that the audience in Leskovac will have the privilege and honour of watching these films right after their world premieres and before the audience in other regional centres.

“Wild Film” Program Selectors: Uros Tomic i Marko Sopic